When space is limited, you can rely on the ZX135US-6 short reach front excavator to operate with a high level of productivity and safety. More compact than a conventional excavator, it offers a superior digging performance as it is designed and built to use attachments suitable for larger 20-tonne machines. Thanks to its short boom and arm, this model is an ideal fit for job sites where space is limited. The opening angle of the boom and arm has also been widened, which means the arm can be raised higher in work spaces with low height clearance. The enhanced hydraulic circuit enables the ZX135US-6 short reach front excavator to be used with larger attachments and buckets than the standard model.

Hitachi ZX135US-6-Short Reach Front Specification
Weight 13000kg
Length 11220mm
Width 2490mm
Height 2790mm
Max Digging Depth 2640mm
Max Digging Reach 6390mm
Max Cutting Height 5270mm

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