Built to the same high standards as all Hitachi construction equipment, the ZX350LC-7 -TCA 30m excavator with telescopic arm has been developed to perfection. The ZX350-7 has been specifically designed to excavate materials from 30 metres below ground and load trucks to transport them quickly and safely off site. It is a cost-effective alternative to using skips, cranes, conveyor belts or long-reach excavators, and can increase productivity on complex and challenging excavation projects. Rotation Bucket now available to improve productivity, only with the ZX350LC-7 model

Hitachi ZX350LC-7 Clamshell Telescopic Arm 30m Specification
Weight 46900kg
Length 4950mm
Width 3190mm
Height 3420mm
Max Digging Depth 30000mm
Max Digging Reach 11180mm
Max Cutting Height 4840mm

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