The increasingly popular ZX38U-6 weighing 3960kg is a ground and landscapers dream machine as it has that extra deep digging and pulling power required for small trench boxes. ‘Bang per Buck’ it probably is the best value cost per week alongside the mighty ZX65USB-6. Try it and you’ll understand why the ‘mega U.K. ground workers’ out there are increasingly specifying these machines as the bare minimum for their compact sites.

For additional safety and compliance on job sites, hose rupture valves have been fitted to the boom and dipper to enable lifting operations. Strong and fast for its size, with excellent visibility from the reinforced cab, the Hitachi ZX38U-6 will be a welcome addition to any operation.

Hitachi ZX38U-6 Specification
Weight 3960kg
Length 4760mm
Width 1740mm
Height 2480mm
Max Digging Depth 2460mm
Max Digging Reach 5410mm
Max Cutting Height 4740mm

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